Positive Psychology for Dummies



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Why do some people achieve greater success and happiness than others? The key is positive psychology.
For most of its history, psychology has focused mainly on the darker side of human behaviour - depression, anxiety, psychosis and psychopathic behaviour. In 1998, Martin Seligman became president of the American Psychological Association and inspired a movement to focus on the positives in human behaviour.

Positive Psychology For Dummies:

•Taps into the burgeoning media focus on happiness and positive mental attitude
•Provides key information on the origins, theory, methods, practitioners and results of positive psychology
•Demonstrates how to understand what makes you tick, how to hone positive emotions and how to use positive philosophy for success in both your personal and working lives.
•Is perfect for a wide audience, from those wanting to get more out of their life, to psychology students or counsellors

Table of Contents
Part I: Getting to Grips: Introducing Positive Psychology.
Chapter 1: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
Chapter 2: Why Being Healthy, Well and Happy is a Really Good Idea.
Part II: Doing the Time Warp: Past, Present and Future.
Chapter 3: Tackling the Past.
Chapter 4: Living in the Present.
Chapter 5: Planning for the Future.
Part III: What Positive Psychology Can Do For You.
Chapter 6: Finding Pleasure in Life.
Chapter 7: Engaging in Life: Using Your Signature Strengths.
Chapter 8: Developing Meaning in Life.
Chapter 9: Becoming Your Best.
Chapter 10: Staying Healthy with Positive Psychology.
Part IV: Positive Psychology in the Real World.
Chapter 11: Making Relationships Work.
Chapter 12: Becoming a Positive Parent.
Chapter 13: Embracing the Extended Family.
Chapter 14: Understanding Why Work Matters.
Chapter 15: Being Your Best in the Workplace.
Part V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 16: Ten Top Activities.
Chapter 17: Ten Useful Resources.
Chapter 18: Ten Positive Inspirations.