How to Succeed at Interprofessional Education



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How to Succeed at Interprofessional Education offers an introduction to the principles and practice of interprofessional education (IPE). By examining the rationale behind IPE, its application, and the frameworks for using it effectively, the author demonstrates that when healthcare professionals learn together and collaborate as a team, they are able to improve decision-making, provide patients with a higher quality of service, and ultimately improve outcomes.

How to Succeed at Interprofessional Education includes key terms and definitions, explains how to integrate IPE into curricula, highlights the challenges and constraints to the widespread introduction of IPE at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and outlines an effective design model of IPE. This important book:

  • Contains a review of the history of interprofessional education in various professions
  • Outlines the proven principles and practices of IPE
  • Includes information for integrating IPE in undergraduate and postgraduate curricula
  • Offers illustrative examples of successful IPE in a range of related fields

Written for students and teachers in medicine as well as healthcare professionals, How to Succeed at Interprofessional Education addresses the need for health-related learning and teaching in multi- and interprofessional settings.