Resident Readiness General Surgery (IE)


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About the Book


Resident Readiness: General Surgery prepares you for success during your surgical internship. Inside is a full range of scenarios you may experience during your residency, supported by comprehension questions with detailed answer explanations and tips to help you remember. You will also learn the clinical problem-solving process so you can think quickly on your feet, especially when time is critical. With the book's step-by-step guidance, you will gain the confidence you need to perform at your best on Day One of your residency.


  • Handle inpatient problems on the floor
  • Manage patients in the ED, including trauma
  • Follow up with patients in the outpatient clinics post-surgery
  • Triage multiple simultaneous admissions and/or consults

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. Welcome
2. How to Read this Book
3. General Advice
4. A 28-year-old Female Incoming Surgery Resident
5. How to Write a Note—Fast!

II. Handling Patients in the ED
6. Admissions
7. A 56-year-old Female Status Post Motor Vehicle Accident
8. A 40-year-old Female With Abdominal Pain
9. A 42-year-old Man With Severe Right Upper Quadrant Pain
10. A 23-year-old Student With Periumbilical Pain That Has Migrated to Her RLQ
11. A 65-year-old Female in Severe Abdominal Pain
12. A Patient in the ER With a Blood Pressure of 60/– and a Heart Rate of 140
13. A 67-year-old Man With Mental Status Changes and a Suspected Diverticular Abscess
14. A 57-year-old Man With a Chief Complaint of Nausea and Vomiting
15. A 65-
year-old Man Status Post Surgery With a HCT of 24%
16. A 70-year-old Man With “Bad Blood”
17. A 37-year-old Man With a Painful Bulge Over His Left Forearm
18. Three Patients All Present With Issues Related to Laboratory Tests
19. A 73-year-old Man With Acute Right Lower Extremity Pain
20. A 36-year-old Woman Status Post Motor Vehicle Accident While Intoxicated
21. A 50-year-old Man Presenting With Extensive Burns
22. A 56-year-old Man 6 Days Status Post Colectomy With New Pelvic Discomfort

III. Handling Inpatients
23. A 75-year-old Man With Postoperative Pain
24. A 72-year-old Man With Acute Confusion Postoperatively
25. You (the Intern) Are Asked to Read a Chest X-ray
26. A 65-year-old Woman in Respiratory Distress
27. A Patient Who Is Postoperative Day 2 With New-onset Chest Pain
28. A 65-year-old Woman With a New-onset Cardiac Arrhythmia
29. A 60-year-old Man in the PACU With New-onset PVCs
30. A 65-year-old Man With Bradycardia
31. A 65-year-old Man With a Pacemaker Who Needs Surgery
32. A Patient With Pulseless Electrical Activity
33. A 55-year-old Man Who May Require Perioperative ß-blockade
34. A 65-year-old Man Who Is in Respiratory Distress 3 Days Postoperatively
35. A 68-year-old Man with Postoperative Hypotension
36. A 57-year-old Man Who Is Postoperative With a Blood Pressure of 210/95
37. A 65-year-old Female Who Is 4 Days Postoperative With Nausea, Vomiting, and a Distended Abdomen
38. A 30-year-old Woman With Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
39. A 79-year-old Man, Postoperative Day 3, Who has Not had a Bowel Movement in 4 Days
40. A 70-year-old Postoperative Colectomy Patient Who Is Not Putting Out Much Urine
41. A 55-year-old Male With Postoperative Urinary Retention
42. A 52-year-old Female Who Is Dehydrated Postoperative Day #1
43. A 68-year-old Woman With Electrolyte Abnormalities
44. A 58-year-old Man With a Postoperative Fever
45. A 42-year-old Woman 4 Hours Postoperative With a Fever and Extreme Pain
46. A 35-year-old Man With Crohn Disease Who Needs Postoperative Orders
47. A 65-year-old Man With Diabetes Needing Postoperative Orders
48. A 65-year-old Female Presenting for Preoperative Evaluation
49. A 33-year-old Woman Who Needs Postoperative Orders for DVT Prophylaxis
50. A 78-year-old Woman and a 62-year-old Man With Drains
51. A 58-year-old Woman Who had a Drain Pulled by the Resident in Error
52. A Resident Who Is Unsure About How to Remove a Chest Tube
53. A Surgical Intern in a Moral Dilemma
54. A 35-year-old Man Who Is Disruptive on the Floor

IV. Handling Patients in Clinic
55. Ambulatory Care and the Surgery Intern
56. A 55-year-old Man Who Was Struck by a Beer Truck and Needs a CT Scan
57. A 60-year-old Man With Postoperative Wound Complications
58. A 35-year-old Woman Who Needs a Lipoma Removed in Clinic
59. A 52-year-old Woman With a Suspected Congenital Coagulopathy