Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment with DVD


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•Market: dermatologists, vascular surgeons, and interventional radiologists
•All chapters have been thoroughly updated, including new terminology, and new techniques
•450 full-color illustrations
•Improved anatomical figures, emphasizing correspondence with Duplex Ultrasound imaging,

About the book
The complete guide to venous disease diagnosis and treatment, both medical and surgical

Includes procedure tutorial on DVD!

Widely acclaimed in its first edition, Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment, 2e spans the entire scope of diagnosing and treating varicose and telangiectatic veins.

Reflecting both medical and surgical alternatives, this comprehensive, yet practical, guide offers cutting-edge insights from some of the world's most prominent experts on the management of venous disease. You will find step-by-step procedural guidance, supported by hundreds of superb full-color illustrations that add clarity to the text and depict the techniques of successful cannulation.

•Provides a hands-on overview of medical and surgical techniques
•Covers the latest advances, including new diagnostic technologies, micro-phlebectomy, foam sclerotherapy, and lasers and high intensity pulsed light
•Includes contraindications, difficult problems, complications, and case studies of common problems

Table of contents
1. The Spectrum of Venous Disease
2. Venous Anatomy
3. Histology
4. Venous Physiology and Pathology
5. Common Patterns of Abnormal Veins: Guide and Summary by Region
6. History and Physical Examination
7. Common Clinical Presentations
8. Continuous Wave Doppler
9. Physiologic and Other Tests for Venous Evaluation
10. Venous Imaging/Duplex Ultrasound
11. Patient Education and Informed Consent
12. Sclerotherapy of Large Varicose Veins
13. Sclerotheraphy of Small Veins
14. Sclerosing Solutions
15. Compression
16. Veins at Other Sites
17. Facial Veins
18. Special Situations and Problems
19. Foam Sclerotherapy
20. Lasers and High-Intensity Pulsed Light
21. Endovenous Laser Ablation
22. Ambulatory Phlebectomy
23. RF Endovenous Occlusion (Closure or ClosureFast)
24. Minimizing and Treating Complications
25. Outfitting the Phlebology Practice
Appendix A: Manufacturers
Appendix B: Samples of Forms
Appendix C: Terminology for Billing and Encounter Forms