ABC of Cancer Care

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ABC of Cancer Care is a practical primary care guide to help health professionals better inform their patients, manage and recognize the common complications of cancers and their treatment, and understand the rationale and implications of decisions made in secondary and tertiary care.

 It provides coverage of the diagnosis, management, treatment and on-going surveillance of common cancers within the multidisciplinary context of primary care. Individual chapters assess the different treatment options, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and examine their possible side effects. The contribution of clinical trials and new advances in cancer treatment including biological and targeted therapies, robotic surgery and advanced radiotherapy techniques are all described. Other aspects of cancer care, from nursing support and nutrition to psychological care and survivorship, are also covered.

Edited by a specialist and general practitioner team, with multidisciplinary contributors, ABC of Cancer Care is ideal for general practitioners, practice nurses, cancer care nurses, medical students, and all healthcare professionals treating and supporting cancer patients.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors, vii

Preface, xi

Acknowledgements, xiii

1 Multidisciplinary Care, 1
Richard Simcock

2 Cancer Imaging, 5
Guy Burkill and Adrian K.P. Lim

3 Surgery, 10
Daniel Richard Leff and Richard Simcock

4 Surgery for Metastatic Disease, 15
Timothy W.R. Briggs, Elizabeth J. Gillott, Lewis W. Thorne, and Long R. Jiao

5 Chemotherapy, 20
Catherine Harper-Wynne and Catherine M. Kelly

6 Toxicities of Chemotherapy, 26
Sacha Jon Howell, Alison Jones, and Colin R. James

7 Radiotherapy, 30
Alastair Thomson and Mark Beresford

8 Toxicities of Radiotherapy, 34
Russell Burcombe, Jonathan Hicks, and Richard Simcock

9 Endocrine Therapy, 39
Carlo Palmieri, Matthew Flook, and Duncan C. Gilbert

10 Biological and Targeted Therapies, 44
Ruth E. Board, Jennifer W. Pang, Carlo Palmieri, and Suzy Cleator

11 Trials in Cancer Care, 50
Evandro de Azambuja, David Cameron, and Janet E. Brown

12 Oncological Emergencies, 55
Thomas E. Newsom-Davis and Mohammed Rizwanullah

13 Cancer in the Elderly, 61
Alistair Ring and Juliet E. Wright

14 Nutrition, 64
Mhairi Donald

15 Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cancer Patients, 69
Richard Simcock and Sarah Cavilla

16 Specialist Nursing Care, 74
Clare Sullivan, Beverley Longhurst, Amelia Cook, Elizabeth Bowman, and Jean Rodell

17 Cancer Survivorship, 78
Esther Bird, Amy Guppy, and Carlo Palmieri

Index, 83