Botulinum Neurotoxin: A Guide to Motor Point Injections








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A practical, how-to guide for both new and experienced clinicians, Botulinum Neurotoxin: A Guide to Motor Point Injections identifies the correct motor points for botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT) injections for non-cosmetic purposes such as muscle dystonia, muscle spasticity, teeth grinding, or drooling. Dr. Chong-Tae Kim expertly guides readers through the efficient blocking of neurotransmitters using BoNT, identifying target muscles and clearly demonstrating how to identify optimal insertion points.

  • Covers both the upper and lower extremities and how to select target muscles for specific deformities. 
  • Includes illustrations and photographs to illustrate muscle relationships and correct insertion points. 
  • Uses consistent labelling and coding throughout to provide an easy-to-follow, image-guided approach. 
  • Presents information in two parts: Part 1 covers BoNT injections to individual motor points of muscles of the face, neck, trunk, and extremities, along with superb visual guidance. Part 2 discusses how to select target muscles for BoNT injections to treat deformities caused by muscle hyperactivity. 
  • Consolidates today’s available information on this timely topic into a single, convenient resource