Imaging for the Health Care Practitoner



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A complete sourcebook of diagnostic imaging for the health care practitioner
Imaging for the Health Care Practitioner offers authoritative, engagingly written coverage of common imaging modalities and their use in evaluating, monitoring, and treating the injuries most often encountered by health care professionals. The concise, clinically focused content focuses on what is most important to patient management and education.
You will find a complete review of radiography, CT, MRI, and ultrasound, along with more than 360 state-of-the-art images that depict injuries and the healing process. The authors take you through both advantages and limitations of each modality in the rehabilitation setting as well as the screening and evaluation process. Armed with the expert insights found within this book, you will gain a meaningful frame of reference from which to discuss the results of these tests with patients.
·        The book opens with a valuable Primer on Imaging for the Health Care Practitioner which discusses essential topics such as how to order imaging and communicate the results, how to read images, and medico legal considerations
·        Each regional or systems chapter explains the special applications unique to that body part and how clinicians can select for optimal clinical decision making and includes case studies that demonstrate real-world application of concepts
·        Clinical pearls reinforce key points in each chapter
·        The text is supplemented by additional on-line information targeted specifically for instructors to assist in imaging education