The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Nursing School (IE)


Chandler / McGraw-Hill
2008 / 1

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Get into the nursing school of your choice and succeed once you get there!

If getting into the right nursing school-and making your mark-is your goal, following the strategies in The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Nursing School will definitely put you ahead of the pack. This fun, information-packed guide covers all the essentials of the nursing school experience, from picking the right school to what to expect and how to rise to the head of the class once you are accepted into a program.


*Insider advice and anecdotes from professors, nurses, and students who tell you what it's really like to go through the application process and succeed in nursing school
*Sure-fire steps for turning a nursing application into a winning application
*Self-assessment chapter that helps you determine whether nursing is right for you
*A detailed overview of the application process
*Everything you need to know to do well in school, including exam preparation, papers, and presentations, and the basic clinical information with which you'll need to be familiar
*Advice from students, nurses, and professors on how to smoothly adjust to the culture and expectations of being a nurse
*Chapter on post-nursing-school options, including acquiring an advanced degree, obtaining certification, and becoming a manager