PDQ Endodontics


Ingle / PMPH/McGraw-Hill
2009 / 2

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Need to get to the root of Endodontics in a hurry? Here is your answer. PDQ Endodontics is an abridged version of Dr. John Ingle's textbook, Endodontics. PDQ Endodontics provides a conversational atlas of endodontic therapy with thorough coverage of access, cleaning, shaping, and filling of the root canal system. Pertinent information is well supported by figures and illustrations, mostly full color. By abridging the larger work, the author has provided readers with a concise text to cover diagnosis and treatment in endodontics. When approached with a troubling presentation or emergency situation, PDQ Endodontics can assist your search for answers and courses of action. Taking the reader through discoloration and restoration, through the root canal system and on to treatment procedures, PDQ Endodontics sets a professional standard for quick reference in the discipline. Features a CD-ROM providing the complete text and illustrations in fully searchable PDF format.