The Human Body: An Introduction for the Biomedical and Health Sciences


Pocock / Oxford
2009 / 1

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頁數:816    裝訂:平裝  開數:24.6 x 19.9  印刷:彩色

A complete course in the biological topics that biomedical and healthcare science students need to know.
Written by established authors with a long-standing track record of excellence in both teaching and research.
Focuses on key concepts and principles without overwhelming the reader with excessive detail.
Straightforward presentation, both in terms of the written text and accompanying artwork, leaves the student free to focus on mastering the key principles.
Online Resource Centre features additional resources for lecturers to enhance the educational value of the text.
The human body is an intricate assembly of organs and systems, whose development and ongoing well-being is tightly-regulated. An understanding of these biological systems and processes is central to the biomedical and healthcare sciences - in understanding how the body works in health and disease.

The Human Body spans human physiology and anatomy, histology, cell biology, pharmacology, and genetics and immunology, to give a complete overview that forms the perfect foundation to any biomedical or healthcare science course.

The book leads the reader gently into the main subject areas without overwhelming them with excessive detail. Its clear, straightforward presentation makes it easy for the reader to grasp the working knowledge they need.

· Custom-drawn artwork helps the reader to visualise the concepts being introduced

· Key points throughout reinforce the essential facts and themes being presented

· End-of-chapter questions enable the reader to check their understanding as they progress through their course

Online Resource Centre
The Online Resource Centre to accompany The Human Body features:

For lecturers:
·Figures from the book in electronic format, ready to download.

·A test bank of multiple choice questions, with feedback keyed to the book

Readership: First and second year undergraduates studying the essentials of biological science as part of a biomedical or health science degree programme.