Demystifying Endometriosis








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Endometriosis is a mysterious disease, has no cure till date.

The intense desire to demystify this condition and give the clinicians a chance to go as close to the correct management, for the university and medical college teachers and professors to comprehensively teach students, postgraduates is the aim of this book.

There are many aspects and impacts of endometriosis, which have been covered in this book. The latest molecules modalities of treatment, newer advances and current consensus regarding management of endometriosis are covered.

The authors of the chapters are stalwarts and experts in the area of endometriosis and they have diligently shared their knowledge and expertise in the format of the chapters.

The beauty of the book is that it is strongly supported by evidences, references, illustrations, diagrams, tables and boxes, so that it is simple to understand and at the same time supports evidence-based medicine.

The patients of endometriosis are in deep agony and running from pillars to posts hoping for relief. On the other hand some patients of endometriosis have infertility and deeply distressed. It would be a boom if the patients get perfect treatment.

This book will go in a long way to help patient management and increase the knowledge amongst clinicians.