Deja Review: Physiology


Gould / McGraw-Hill
2010 / 2

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Maximum retention in minimum time!
These "flashcards in a book" help you remember high-yield facts in the least amount of time possible

Drawn from the perspectives of recent graduates fresh from their medical school and USMLE experience, Deja Review books focus specifically on what is essential for success on your course exams and the USMLE.


Active recall Q&As facilitate real learning, not just memorization
Vignettes at the end of each chapter put the material in clinical context
Mnemonics and key words help you focus on core facts Content works in conjunction with larger course books
Portable size makes them great for study on the go
Everything you must know about Physiology to pass:
General Physiology; Neurophysiology; Cardiovascular Physiology; Respiratory Physiology; Renal and Acid-Base Physiology; Gastrointestional Physiology; Endocrine Physiology; Reproductive Physiology; Suggested Readings; Index.

Table of contents
1. General Physiology
2. Neurophysiology
3. Cardiovascular Physiology
4. Respiratory Physiology
5. Renal and Acid-Base Physiology
6. Gastrointestional Physiology
7. Endocrine Physiology
8. Reproductive Physiology
Suggested Readings