Practical Guide to Infertility Management & IVF








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Management of infertility is a challenging field in medicine with updates in different aspects of the field pouring in continuously. Sound knowledge of the basics and at present proven facts makes a strong base to keep pace with these fast-progressing scientific fields. This book is designed to provide this strong base of knowledge in a comprehensive way. It is a basis for practical knowledge for the young budding infertility specialists and a book to refer to for busy infertility practitioners in cases of doubt to strengthen the foundation of their knowledge.

  • Comprises of latest research in the field of infertility.
  • It includes everything from basic knowledge of female and male fertility, investigations, and conventional treatments to the most advanced ART techniques.
  • Clear-cut messages on Do’s and Don’ts based on evidences.
  • Practical approach with scientifically based explanations and to-the-point information is the highlight of this book.
  • The book will prove to be an ‘‘under the desk, immediate reference book’’ for every infertility consultant.