*Anatomy for Dental Students


Atkinson /Oxford

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About the Book

  • Contains all the anatomy dentistry students need to know in one book
  • Illustrated with over 300 full colour line drawings
  • Accessible text that clearly explains anatomy and focuses on relating science to practice

New to this edition

  • A brand new author, Martin Atkinson, has revised and modernised this classic text to make it relevant to today's dentistry students
  • A free online resource centre with over 50 MCQ and SBA questions, and over 30 interactive 'drag-and-drop' figure exercises to help you test your knowledge and revise for exams
  • Completely updated colour illustrations throughout
  • A new focus on learning with learning features, glossary terms, and engaging writing style

Anatomy for Dental Students, Fourth Edition, demonstrates and explains all the anatomy needed for a modern dentistry undergraduate course. This text covers developmental anatomy, the thorax, the central nervous system, and the head and neck with an emphasis on the practical application of anatomical knowledge.

This new edition has been extensively revised and updated in line with contemporary teaching and dental practice. Over 300 new full colour diagrams map all the anatomical regions that dental students need to know, while the lively and accessible text guides the reader's learning. Throughout Clinical Application Boxes demonstrate how the form and function of anatomy have consequences for clinical practice. Side-lines boxes contain additional descriptions for key anatomical structures.

This text is supported by an Online Resource Centre with multiple choice questions, drag and drop figure exercises, and links to key resources to help readers to consolidate and extend their knowledge of anatomy.

Anatomy for Dental Students brings together anatomical structure, function, and their relationship to clinical practice, making ideal for today's dental students.

Table of Contents

Section I: Introduction and developmental anatomy
1: The study of anatomy
2: The locomotor system
3: The nervous system
4: The circulatory system
5: The respitory system
6: The gastrointestinal system
7: Skin and fascia
8: Embryonic development - the first few weeks
Section II: The thorax
9: Surface anatomy of the thorax
10: The thoracic wall and diaphragm
11: The lower respiratory tract and its role in ventilation
12: The heart, pericardium, and mediastinum
13: Development of the heart, circulatory, and respiratory systems
Section III: The central nervous system
14: Introduction to the central nervous system
15: The structure of the central nervous system
16: Major sensory and motor systems
17: The autonomic nervous system
18: The cranial nerves
19: Development of the central nervous system
Section IV: Head and neck
20: Introduction and surface anatomy
21: Embryology of head and neck
22: The skull
23: The face and superficial tissues of the neck
24: The temporomandibular joints, muscles of mastication, and infratemporal and pterygoplatine fossae
25: Oral cavity
26: Mastication
27: The nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses
28: The pharynx, soft palate, and larynx
29: Swallowing and speech
30: The orbit
31: Radiological anatomy of the oral cavity
32: Embryology of the face, palate, and nose
33: Development, growth, and age changes of the skull and jaws