Sexual Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy: Facing Therapist Indiscretions, Transgressions, and Misconduct








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Regardless of what model of psychotherapy is used, all therapists are vulnerable to boundary transgressions. This book explains why this is this case, and how to avoid such violations.

Professional attitudes toward sexual boundary violations (SBVs) have evolved over the years, resulting in ethical and legal guidance to prevent such violations. Despite this guidance, SBVs still occur in treatment, and institutions and colleagues often deny or rationalize them. Therapists need a deeper understanding of how SBVs occur in order to avoid them.

This book examines the events leading up to SBVs as well as what happens to clients and therapists once they are discovered. The book also considers the broader effects of such behavior on colleagues, institutions, families, and others. Numerous case illustrations are included to illustrate how therapeutic relationships are compromised, sometimes in subtle and gradual ways. Authors emphasize the importance of therapist education and consultation with mentors and peers to maintain a professional frame for the therapeutic relationship.