Radiography of Children: A Guide to Good Practice



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Radiography of Children covers the different skills needed to x-ray children successfully ― radiographic positioning, choice and number of views, patient communication with child and parents, achieving patient co-operation, and immobilization. It provides a solid introduction to radiography, based on knowledge of child development/ psychology, pediatric pathology, and the emotional needs of the child and parents. Discusses IRMER, the Children Act, and advice on setting up a pediatric x-ray room in a general department.

  • The only detailed book that covers the differences between x-raying children & adults.
  • Written by practicing pediatric radiographers.
  • Includes child development/ psychology relevant to radiographic examinations of children.
  • Includes coverage of current legislation and children's rights.
  • Features a chapter dedicated to radiation protection and immobilization.
  • Provides an abundance of photographs illustrating various imaging positions.
  • Offers unique information on providing a comfortable environment for children.
  • Presents imaging methods applicable to all hospitals.
  • Includes information on the radiographer as ‘play therapist.'