Orthodontics in Clinical Practice


Rossi / Anshan

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Hardcover: 320 pages


In his book Orthodontics in Clinical Practice, Massimo Rossi sets out a connection between the research field and the daily work of an orthodontist. Scientific data must be applied to individuals according to their own psychology and personality. Therefore a good orthodontist must choose, among various solutions, the best approach for his patient, always respecting the principle of informed consent. Modern orthodontics concerns not only young people but elderly patients as well.
If the goal of dental treatment is the achievement of finding the optimum combination of function and aesthetics, then in many cases that cannot be done using prosthesis, implantology, and periodontology alone. By playing a fundamental role in the various interdisciplinary treatments of tooth care, orthodontics changes the concept of modern dentistry.
This book provides a bridge between academic theory and clinical practice, encouraging connectivity and cooperation between the proponents of dental and surgical theory, and the orthodontic practitioners who carry out the treatments. It consists of 8 chapters, in which differing levels of treatment are described, the relationship between orthodontics and other fields of dentistry and medicine are explained, and orthognathic surgery isintroduced, along with four case studies.
Professor Rossi has over 30 years experience as both teacher and clinical orthodontist, with his own private practice. This book draws upon his vast experience of orthodontics, having seen and carried out the advancement of dental treatment in recent years. Originally in italian, Orthodontics in Clinical Practice is now published for the first time in English, to be made available to academics and practitioners worldwide.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. General Issues
Chapter 2. Class I
Chapter 3. Class II
Chapter 4. Class III
Chapter 5. Issues Common to the Three Classes
Chapter 6. Multidisciplinary Treatments: The Relationship between Orthodontics and other Disciplines
Chapter 7. Orthognathic Surgery