Photographic Dissector for Students of Physical Therapy: A Step-by-Step Approach (IE)



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Learning and naming the many parts and systems of the human body can be a daunting task for medical and physical therapy students preparing for careers in various scientific and medical professions. With a combination of informative text and clear images, Photographic Dissector for Physical Therapy Students provides an unparalleled examination of anatomical structures and the tools used for dissection.

Using visible external landmarks, students will learn how to locate internal structures and develop a better understanding of anatomy. The book offers thorough coverage of the types of tools for dissecting along with detailed photographic instructions for every step of dissection. Each tool is clearly defined with its purpose.


• Modeled to follow the curriculum of Doctor of Physical Therapy programs, which often includes simultaneous courses in kinesiology and physiology

• Clinical correlates throughout the book provide important information about function and dysfunction in order to inspire diagnostic thought

• Examples are drawn from real cases in clinical practice

• Each chapter contains a checklist of important structures

• Exam-style multiple choice questions and answers, along with explanations and strategies for working through the questions