Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis


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Main description

Improve your imaging interpretation skills for the most commonly encountered surgical conditions

The goal of Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis is to help acute care surgeons, general surgeons, and surgical trainees develop the skills necessary to efficiently work up and diagnose critical surgical disease.

This unique text opens with practical guidelines for understanding and interpreting the key imaging modalities employed in acute care surgery. In-depth discussions of acute surgical conditions follow, with emphasis on workup, diagnosis, and imaging pattern recognition. Each clinical chapter opens with a case scenario, followed by detailed discussion of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management, and includes multiple annotated examples of ultrasound, plain film, CT, and MRI findings.

Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis follows a logical systems-based organization, consisting of:

  • Radiology Basics
  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Soft Tissue
  • Trauma

Acute Care Surgery: Imaging Essentials for Rapid Diagnosis also provides expert guidance on how to select the correct imaging modality for the most efficient diagnosis and treatment. This text will aid trainees and surgeons to hone the skills they need to manage acute surgical patients when expediency matters most.

Table of contents

I. Introduction

II. Radiology: The Basics of Interpretation
1. Plain films
2. Ultrasound
3. CT scan

III. Abdomen
4. Perforated Viscus
5. Appendicitis
6. Diverticulitis
7. Small Bowel Obstruction
8. Large Bowel Obstruction
9. Gastric Outlet Obstruction
10. Colitis
11. Mesenteric Ischemia
12. Pancreatitis
13. Cholecystitis
14. Biliary Obstruction
15. Liver Pathology
16. Hernias
17. Splenic Pathology
18. Aortic Pathology

IV. Chest
19. Pneumothorax
20. Hemothorax
21. Esophageal Perforation
22. Cardiac Tamponade

V. Soft Tissue
23. Necrotizing soft tissue infections
24. Extremity hematoma
25. Perirectal abscess

VI. Trauma
26. Intra-abdominal hemorrhage
27. Pancreatic injury
28. Chest trauma
29. Diaphragmatic injuries
30. Bowel injuries
31. Penetrating trauma
32. Genitourinary injuries