Basic & Applied Concepts of Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices

324-7478/ 9780323374781

ISBN/ 9780323374781
作者/出版商 Howard/Mosby
出版年代/版次 2017/ 4

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Paperback: 416 pages

Basic & Applied Concepts of Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices, 4th Edition combines logically organized and updated content in a highly readable way that makes difficult concepts easy to understand. This essential text enables you to develop a solid understanding of all areas of blood banking by utilizing common theory, clinical scenarios, case studies, and critical-thinking exercises. Additional content on HIV testing, ABID panels, immunology and serology, HLA, and global blood banking keeps this book current so you’re learning the skills necessary to work in the modern lab. Further your knowledge with the QR codes in the margins that link to new images and websites.

  • Illustrated blood group boxes provide you with the ISBT symbol, number, and the clinical significance of the antibodies at a glance throughout Chapter 7, Other Red Cell Blood Group Systems, Human Leukocyte Antigens, and Platelet Antigens.
  • Study questions and critical thinking exercises give you an opportunity to review what you’ve learned.
  • Margin notes and definitions highlight important material in each chapter and offer you additional help.
  • Coverage of advanced topics includes transplantation and cellular therapy, the HLA system, molecular techniques and applications, automation, electronic cross-matching, and therapeutic apheresis.
  • Chapter summaries recap the most important points of the chapter.
  • Learning objectives help frame the chapter and set expectations.
  • NEW! QR codes in the margins further learning by linking to new images or websites related to chapter content.
  • NEW! Completely updated content prepares you to work in today’s clinical lab environment with lessons about HIV testing and confirmation rules from the CDC, ABID panels, immunology and serology, HLA, and global blood banking.