USMLE Step 2 Recall


Ryan / LWW
2011 / 2

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NT$ 903

頁數:384    裝訂:平裝  開數:20.4 x 12.7  印刷:黑白

This revised edition in the popular Recall Series is an excellent preparation tool for both the Clinical Knowledge (CK) and Clinical Skills (CS) parts of the USMLE Step 2. The book presents patient cases followed by rapid-fire USMLE-style questions. Questions appear in the left-hand column and answers appear in the right-hand column.

Coverage encompasses all clinical areas tested on the USMLE Step 2. Cases and questions teach pattern recognition for diseases tested in the CK's multiple-choice questions and the CS's live patient presentations. This edition includes a new chapter on ethics and statistics as well as an expanded cardiology chapter.