Fast Facts: Erectile Dysfunction


Carson / Health Press
2008 / 4

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Book Description

The term 'bladder disorders' encompasses a number of lower urinary tract dysfunctions and abnormalities that negatively affect quality of life. Some can cause considerable morbidity and even mortality. Three internationally recognized authors with different areas of expertise - a leading British urogynecologist, a chief of urology listed as one of America's "Best Doctors", and an American continence expert - have ensured that this second edition of "Fast Facts: Bladder Disorders" is internationally relevant to the non-specialist working within a multidisciplinary team. Based on robust evidence and clinical experience, and supported by superb illustrations, this fact-filled handbook covers everything you will need to recognize the symptoms and signs of a wide range of bladder disorders from urinary incontinence to hematuria to UTIs. It also provides an excellent overview of basic pathophysiology, and will help practitioners initiate screening and assessment and, where appropriate, treatment. Contents: Anatomy and function of the urinary system; Assessment; Urinary incontinence; The overactive bladder and urgency incontinence; Voiding problems; Hematuria; Urinary tract infections and cystitis; Nocturnal symptoms; Neuropathic bladder dysfunction; Special considerations