Outcomes in Neurodevelopmental and Genetic Disorders



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Edited by two leading authorities and written by a team of international experts in the field, this book describes the causes, course and treatment of a variety of developmental and genetic disorders, including attention-deficit disorder, fragile X syndrome and the autistic spectrum disorders. There is a particular focus on the course of disorders over time, and outcome in adulthood. Outcome is an area often overlooked in other books about developmental disorders, but is an issue of great importance to parents and carers and one that has important implications for education, health, social and employment services. As well as providing succinct and up-to-date summaries of the most recent research, the authors give clinicians practical guidelines for intervention and management with children and young adults. This book is essential reading for clinicians and psychologists, and anyone working with or caring for children with special educational needs.

• Only book available to focus on course and outcomes over time • Gives succinct, up-to-date reviews of recent research, and also guidelines for intervention and management • Written and edited by world authorities


Preface Patricia Howlin; 1. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Jody Warner-Rogers; 2. Developmental language disorders Nancy J. Cohen; 3. Reading and other specific learning disorders Arlene R. Young and Joseph H. Beitchman; 4. Metabolic disorders Anupam Chakrapani and John Walter; 5. Hemiplegic cerebral palsy Robert Goodman; 6. Autistic disorders Patricia Howlin; 7. Down syndrome Janet Carr; 8. Fragile X syndrome Randi J. Hagerman and Paul J. Hagerman; 9. Prader–Willi syndrome and Angelman syndromes: from childhood to adult life A. J. Holland and J. Butler; 10. Rett disorder Alison Kerr; 11. Tuberous sclerosis Petrus J. de Vries and Patrick F. Bolton; 12. Williams syndrome and Smith Magenis syndrome Orlee Udwin; Index.