Pocket Guide: Pharmacokinetics Made Easy


Birkett / McGraw-Hill
2010 / 2

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Pharmacokinetics Made Easy presents a complex subject in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. It is suitable for a wide audience including medical practitioners, health professionals and students. The individual chapters were initially published as a series of articles in Australian Prescriber to assist practitioners in drug dosing and therapy. The physiological approach adopted in this bestselling book addresses clinical issues in drug therapy and makes them directly applicable to practice situations.

Table of contents:
1. Clearance
2. Volume of distribution
3. Half-Life
4. How Drugs are Cleared by the Liver
5. Bioavailability and First-Class Clearance
6. Predicting Drug Interactions and the Effects of Disease States for Metabolised Drugs
7. Clearance of Drugs by the Kidneys
8. Drug Protein Binding
9. Non-Linear Pharmacokinetics
10. How to Determine the Pharmacokinetic Parameters of a Drug
11. Pharmacodynamics - the Concentration-Effect Relationship
12. Designing Dose Regimens
13. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring