Chronic Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction:Practical Physical Medicine with DVD-ROM



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Edited by Leon Chaitow and Ruth Lovegrove, this clearly written and fully illustrated multi-contributor volume offers practical, comprehensive coverage of the subject area accompanied by a range of video clips on a bonus DVD. Covering all aspects of current diagnosis and management, this new book is suitable for physiotherapists, osteopathic physicians and osteopaths, medical pain specialists, urologists, urogynaecologists, chiropractors, manual therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and naturopaths worldwide.

•Offers practical, validated, and clinically relevant information to all practitioners and therapists working in the field
•Edited by two acknowledged experts in the field of pelvic pain to complement each other’s approach and understanding of the disorders involved
•Carefully prepared by a global team of clinically active and research oriented contributors to provide helpful and clinically relevant information
•Abundant use of pull-out boxes, line artwork, photographs and tables facilitates ease of understanding
•Contains an abundance of clinical cases to ensure full understanding of the topics explored
•Focuses on the need for an integrated approach to patient care
•Includes an appendix based on recent European Guidelines regarding the nature of the condition(s) and of the multiple aetiological and therapeutic models associated with them
•Contains a bonus DVD presenting film clips of the manual therapy, biofeedback and rehabilitation techniques involved

Table of Contents
1.An Introduction to Chronic Pelvic Pain & Associated Symptoms
2.The Anatomy of Pelvic Pain
3.Chronic Pain Mechanisms
4.Psychophysiology and Pelvic Pain
5.Gender and Chronic Pelvic Pain
6.Musculoskeletal Causes and the Contribution of Sport to the Evolution of Chronic Lumbo-Pelvic Pain
7.The Role of Clinical Reasoning in the Differential Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain
8.Multispeciality and Multidisciplinary Practice - a UK Pain Medicine Perspective
9.Multispeciality and Multidisciplinary Practice - a US Physical Medicine Perspective
10.Chronic Pelvic Pain and Nutrition
11.Breathing and Chronic Pelvic Pain: Connections and Rehabilitation Features
12.Biofeedback in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Essential Pelvic Pain Disorders
13.Soft Tissue Manipulation Approaches to Chronic Pelvic Pain (External)
14.Connective Tissue and the Pudendal Nerve in Chronic Pelvic Pain
15.Evaluation and Pelvic Floor Management of Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes
16.Practical Anatomy, Examination, Palpation and Manual Therapy Release Techniques for the Pelvic Floor
17.Patients with Pelvic Girdle Pain - An Osteopathic Perspective
18.Intramuscular Manual Therapy: Dry Needling
19.Electrotherapy and Hydrotherapy in Chronic Pelvic Pain