Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry


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This book aims to build a fundamental understanding of the general principles, science, and clinical reality of digital dental medicine. The various components of the digital workflow in reconstructive dentistry are discussed, and insights about forthcoming game-changing technologies are presented. A chapter is devoted to each category of digital tool to explain its use even to those unfamiliar with the newest developments. In addition to photographs of the various technologies and their clinical applications, multiple chapters include videos, allowing readers to see these innovations in action. This allows students, clinicians, and researchers to enhance their knowledge with the ultimate goal of integrating the available technologies into their daily work. 812 illustrations Contents: 1. Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry: An Introduction 2. Intraoral Scanners: Current Status and Future Applications 3. Laboratory Desktop Scanners 4. Optical Face Scanners 5. Digital Radiographic Imaging 6. Virtual Registration, Mounting, and Articulation 7. Digital Assessment Tools and Data Manipulation 8. Computer-Guided Implant Planning and Surgery 9. CAD/CAM Materials 10. Digital-Assisted Fabrication Using CAM Technologies 11. Cases 12. Future Perspectives of Digital Technologies in Dentistry