Fundus Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography with CD-ROM

6019g-4057/ 9781905740574

ISBN/ 9781905740574
作者/出版商 Chopdar/Anshan
出版年代/版次 2007/ 1

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Fluorescein angiography plays an important role in the management of many retinal disorders which evaluates the pathology of the retina. On the other hand recently introduced Indocyanine green angiography mainly explores the pathology affecting the choroid. This book provides the essential guidance on both the methods and emphasises the differences between the two systems. Based on 25 years of an annual teaching course run by the author, the coverage includes all the common and many rare conditions of the retina and the choroid. This is the third publication on the subject since 1996 by the author. The book starts with a short history of development followed by basic principles, technique of performing a successful angiography and step by step guidance for interpretation. It explains the theory behind modern digital angiography. Each topic begins with a short clinical description of the disease involved followed by the fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography pattern including variations where applicable. The use of colour photographs with superb illustrations of sequence of angiograms and legends makes this an outstanding feature. The book contains over 525 illustrations. This book is an essential read both for trainee and practising ophthalmologists, written by an author of international renown and proven pedigree. Contents: 1. Development of fluorescence angiography 2. Basic principles 3. Techniques and pitfalls of fluorescence angiography 4. Normal angiogram 5. Abnormal fluorescence 6. Retinal vascualar disorders 7. Macular degeneration 8. Macular dystrophy 9. Choroidal disorders 10. Diseases of optic nerve head 11. Intraocular neoplasms 12. Diabetic retinopathy

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