Instant Clinical Pharmacology


Begg / Blackwell
2008 / 2

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NT$ 741

頁數:104    裝訂:平裝  開數:23.4 x 15.  印刷:黑白

Instant Clinical Pharmacology differs from other clinical pharmacology books commonly used by medical students and junior doctors. It presents essential information about the core topics in clinical pharmacology in a concise, accessible dip-in format and aims to bridge the gap between basic pharmacology and the therapeutic use of drugs in humans.

Each topic is concisely displayed in a double-page spread to aid learning and revision. Content in this revised second edition covers the accepted core curriculum of clinical pharmacology: clinical pharmacokinetics, factors affecting dosing, altered drug effects, pharmacovigilance and principles of optimal therapeutics. Simple illustrations and tables support the text and assist to provide rapid access to and explanation of key facts.