Chronic Pain for Dummies



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Proven exercises and techniques for dealing with pain
Your compassionate guide to conquering pain and living a full life

Do you suffer from chronic pain? This reassuring, practical guide helps you understand what causes pain and how to manage it with the newest pain-relieving techniques. You'll see how to track your pain triggers, weigh the benefits and risks of pain-reducing medications, improve your pain levels with diet and exercise, and determine whether surgery is right for you.

Discover how to:
•Diagnose your pain
•Build an anti-pain medical team
•Prevent or minimize pain attacks
•Explore alternative therapies
•Make helpful lifestyle changes

Table of Contents
Part I: Getting the Lowdown on Chronic Pain.
Chapter 1: Hurting That Doesn’t Go Away.
Chapter 2: Discovering How Pain Works.
Chapter 3: When Pain Becomes Chronic.
Part II: Detailing Some Causes of Chronic Pain.
Chapter 4: Arthritis and Its Cohorts.
Chapter 5: My Aching Back.
Chapter 6: Head Cases: Migraines and Other Types of Craniofacial Pain.
Chapter 7: The Odd Couple: Injuries and Strokes.
Chapter 8: Burn Pain.
Chapter 9: Digestive and Urinary Conditions.
Chapter 10: Reproductive Conditions.
Chapter 11: Following the Nerve Pathways: Neuralgias and Neuropathies.
Chapter 12: Cancer Pain.
Part III: Managing Your Pain Medically.
Chapter 13: Putting Together an Anti-Pain Team.
Chapter 14: Prescribing Medicines for Chronic Pain.
Chapter 15: Taking an Alternative Approach to Pain Management.
Chapter 16: Considering Surgery: The Last Resort?
Part IV: Managing Your Pain with Lifestyle.
Chapter 17: Tracking and Avoiding Pain Triggers.
Chapter 18: Nutrition and Weight Control.
Chapter 19: Getting Physical: Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, and Balance.
Chapter 20: Tackling Fatigue.
Chapter 21: Treating Pain and Stress Using the Power of Thought.
Chapter 22: Relaxing, Praying, and Creating.
Part V: Understanding Pain Throughout the Life Cycle.
Chapter 23: Pain in Children.
Chapter 24: Pain and Aging.
Chapter 25: Pain at the End of Life.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 26: Ten Ways to Detect Bogus “Cures”.
Chapter 27: Ten Things to Remember about Pain and Sexuality.
Chapter 28: Ten or So Web Sources for People with Chronic Pain.
Chapter 29: Ten Things to Avoid When You Have Chronic Pain.