Medication Safety in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding



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Fully understand the toxicological effects of prescription and OTC drugs on pregnant women and breastfed children

Drawn from the internationally recognized MotherRisk program at the University of Toronto, this authoritative resource is filled with evidence-based information and guidance that puts the risks of maternal exposure to drugs into sharp focus.

The book's clear, easy-to-follow two-part organization conveniently reviews the toxicologic effects of all major drug classes, then provides well-researched, systematic reviews of major topics that impact pharmacotherapy in pregnant and breastfeeding patients. This complete guide is your best source of information-and, consequently, your patients' best defense-against the possible ill effects of reproductive and developmental drug toxicities.


*The most authoritative resource available on the maternal toxicology of prescription drugs
*Packed with evidence-based, systematic reviews of key maternal therapeutics and toxicology topics from leading peer-reviewed journals
*Complete reviews of all major drug classes, and widely used agents-plus other herbal, chemical, and radiological therapies
*Cutting-edge guidance from the world-renown MotherRisk program
*Clear, conversational tone and cohesive two-part organization that facilitates your ability to quickly identify the risks associated with specific agents and communicate this crucial information to patients
And much more!