Clinical Orthopedic Anesthesia

420-9478/ 0750694785

ISBN/ 0750694785 作 者/ 出版商Tetzlaff/ Butterworth出版年代/ 版次1995/ 1

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This book is designed as a technical manual addressing the rapidly evolving subspecialty of anaesthesia for orthopaedic surgery patients. It is designed to demonstrate the interaction of surgery and anaesthesia and demonstrate how this interaction influences outcome. Providing a clinically useful integration of information about orthopaedic surgery and those anaesthesia techniques used for orthopaedic patients. Concise information on regional anaesthesia, local anaesthetics and common OR problems for orthopaedic cases is included. Surgical procedures and anaesthesia issues will be combined to provide a useful reference for the practicing clinician who occasionally has an orthopaedic case, as well as thoes members of the anaesthesia team assigned to these cases.