*Emergency Urology



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Urology is a specialty that notoriously receives little attention in medical school, yet it makes up a sizeable portion of the workload in emergency departments and also in primary care. Urological emergencies can often be managed simply but require the appropriate knowledge and skills.

Emergency urology is often covered very superficially alongside general surgery or in excessive detail within voluminous urology textbooks. This book is different: it will consist of concise, well-structured chapters, with an accessible and easily digestible style. The content will be clinically-based and will include a number of clinical photographs and radiological investigations.

This book will appeal to all doctors, including those rotating through surgical and emergency medicine specialties, and those clinicians approaching professional examinations worldwide. Medical students on urology or emergency medicine placements, who are studying for their exams will also find it invaluable.

In addition, primary care doctors, specialty nurses in urology and nurses in the emergency department may also appreciate the clinically relevant content of the book. 

The authors are all dedicated to education and teaching, and have published extensively. In addition, they run a successful emergency urology course in Cambridge, popular with clinicians and senior students alike.