Current Diagnosis & Treatment of Pain (IE)



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About the Book

The first truly clinically focused book on the management of the full spectrum of pain syndromes

CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment of Pain represents the first clinical and truly management-oriented book on pain medicine. It covers with equal breadth and depth the management of the full array of both acute and chronic pain conditions. What is especially noteworthy about the approach here is its ability to convey management strategies that correlate the severity of pain with the level of therapeutic intervention required to assuage it. The full array of drug treatment and analgesic strategies are discussed in detail, and often conveyed through a detailed management algorithm in each chapter. The book's editorial board--including a pain medicine specialist, an internist, and a nurse practitioner--reflects how multi-disciplinary the treatment of pain has become in recent years.

Key Features

  • ' Covers full spectrum of acute and chronic pain syndromes
  • ' Very clinically focused-all about assessing severity of pain and how to assuage it.
  • ' Drug treatment strategies a key'what analgesic agents and drugs will work, and at what dose
  • ' Concise narrative supplemented with key management algorithms

Table of Contents
1. The Current Issues in Pain Management, John D. Loeser
2. Assessment of Pain & Common Pain Syndromes, Martha L. Twaddle and Kelly J. Coooke
3. Pharmacologic Therapies for Pain, Jay Thomas and Charles F. von Gunten
4. Interventional Procedures for Pain Control, Samuel Samuel, Salim Hayek, and Michael Stanton-Hicks
5. Psychological Interventions, Dennis C. Turk, Tasha Burwinkle, and Kati Thieme
6. Rehabilitation Issues: Pain Control, Steven P. Stanos and Mark D. Tyburski
7. Pain and Addictive Disease, Steven D. Passik, Kenneth L. Kirsh, and Russell K. Portenoy
8. Cancer Pain, Judith A. Paice
9. Pain Management in Palliative Care, Jamie H. Van Roenn, Judith A. Paice, and Michael E. Preodor
10. Neuropathic Pain, R. Norman Harden
11. Visceral Pain, Timothy J. Ness
12. Headaches, Michel Volcy Gomez and Stewart J. Tepper
13. Back Pain, Edgar Ross
14. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Daniel J. Mazanec, Russell C. DeMicco, and Edwin L. Capulong
15. Fibromyalgia, Roland Staud
16. Sickle Cell Disease, Eufemia Jacob, and Elizabeth Ely
17. Chronic Pelvin Pain, Fred M. Howard
18. Chest Pain, Brad Stuart
19. Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain, James Fricton
20. Pain in HIV and AIDS, Gaurav Mathur and Peter A. Selwyn
21. Pain in the Elderly, Joshua M. Hauser
22. Legal and Regulatory Issues in Pain Management, Perry G. Fine and Scott Fishman