The Medical & Surgical Residency Survival Guide: How to Build a Tactical Advantage for Success


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Are you a medical student about to graduate from medical school, an intern or junior resident muscling through the early years of your formative residency training? If so, this book was written for you.

The transition from medical school to residency training is a challenging and transformative experience; life as a resident physician is drastically different to what most experience during their clinical rotations in medical school. You will undoubtedly approach the transition with a combination of emotions including enthusiasm and eagerness but also trepidation and apprehension. This survival guide will serve to temper these emotions and transform them into a sense of confidence as you progress.

The book’s focused, honest, and straightforward approach addresses the unique challenges encountered in residency training and discusses a number of strategies to facilitate tactful navigation of these challenging waters. This easily digestible volume concisely outlines a combination of principles that will help you become a highly motivated, adaptable, and successful trainee. The book spurs self-reflection that can be applied to develop the strength, perseverance, and endurance to succeed when the going gets tough.

Each chapter contains valuable insight that trainees can draw from regardless of specialty. By utilizing and employing the tools discussed, opportunities presented throughout the course of your residency training and beyond can be translated into successes that you will continually be able to build upon, hone, and polish throughout your career as a respected and well-rounded physician and professional.