Fitness for Dummies



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The latest and greatest in getting fit and staying that way!
Fitness For Dummies, 4th Edition, provides the latest information and advice for properly shaping, conditioning, and strengthening your body to enhance overall fitness and health. With the help of fitness professionals Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent, you'll learn to set and achieve realistic fitness goals without expensive fitness club fees!

•Achieve motivation and social support from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook
•Take advantage of digital resources such as e-exercising programs, video instructors, digital training systems, apps, and more
•Gives you the latest tips and methods to test your own fitness level, set realistic goals, stick with your program, and get great results
•Shows you how to spot where fat is sneaking into your diet
•Get the most out of high-tech exercise machines and equipment, plus tips for using dumbbells or a simple jump rope to achieve results
•Offers step-by-step instructions on creating a home gym on a budget
Featuring all-new informative fitness photos and illustrations, this revised edition of Fitness For Dummies is all you need to get on track to a healthy new body!

Table of Contents
Part I: Getting Your Butt off the Couch.
Chapter 1: Establishing Your Plan of Attack.
Chapter 2: Testing Your Fitness.
Chapter 3: Watching What You Eat: Nutrition Basics.
Chapter 4: Educating Yourself.
Chapter 5: This Doesn't Have to Happen to You: Avoiding Common Injuries.
Part II: Going Cardio.
Chapter 6: Cardio Crash Course: Getting the Right Intensity.
Chapter 7: Creating a Cardio Program.
Chapter 8: Using Cardio Machines.
Chapter 9: Exercising Outdoors.
Part III: Building Muscle and Strengthening Bone.
Chapter 10: Why You’ve Gotta Lift Weights.
Chapter 11: Your Muscles: Love 'Em or Lose 'Em.
Chapter 12: Demystifying Strength Equipment.
Chapter 13: Designing a Strength-Training Program.
Part IV: Limbering Up with Flexibility, Balance, and Mind-Body Exercise.
Chapter 14: Flexibility Training: Getting the Scoop on Stretching.
Chapter 15: Finding Your Balance.
Chapter 16: All about Yoga.
Chapter 17: Getting the Lowdown on Pilates.
Part V: Getting Fit in Health Clubs and Home Gyms.
Chapter 18: Choosing and Using a Gym.
Chapter 19: Designing Your Home Gym.
Chapter 20: Hiring a Trainer.
Chapter 21: Choosing an Exercise Class or Digital Workout.
Part VI: Exercising for All Ages and Stages.
Chapter 22: Fit Pregnancy: Exercising for Two.
Chapter 23: Getting Kids Fit.
Chapter 24: Staying Active as You Age.
Part VII: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 25: Ten Great Reasons to Break a Sweat.
Chapter 26: Ten Fantastic Fitness Investments.