First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship: A Student-to-Student Guide (IE)


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Written by students who just completed their emergency medicine clerkship
•Market: Fourth year medical students (18,750 per year), international medical graduates (16,000 per year), and physician assistant students
•Hundreds of high-yield facts based on the clerkship's core competencies
•NEW: 8-page insert of full-color images and minicases integrated throughout

About the book
The emergency medicine clerkship survival guide in the super-effective First Aid format

Written by students who just completed their clerkship

First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship is a comprehensive high-yield review based on the clerkship's core competencies. Written by students who just completed their clerkship and reviewed by faculty to ensure relevance and accuracy, the book covers everything students must know to do well in the ED and ace the emergency medicine shelf exam. New features include mini-cases integrated throughout to give a clinical "face" to disease discussions and 8 pages of full color images.

•Hundreds of frequently tested high-yield facts from emergency medicine in-service exams, shelf exams, and the USMLE Step 2 give you the edge on exam day
•Mnemonics, diagrams, and illustrations help you recall must-know concepts
•Insider tips for outstanding performance from students who excelled
•Ward Tips arm you with answers to common "pimp" questions
•Classifieds direct you to high-yield websites, scholarships, and extracurricular activities and publishing opportunities
•Typical Scenario and Exam Tip study boxes prepare you for exam questions
•NEW mini-cases highlight classic patient presentations and frequently tested cases

The content you need to excel on the clerkship:
Section I: How to Succeed in the EM Clerkship; Section II: High-Yield Facts; Resuscitation; Diagnostics; Trauma; Neurologic Emergencies; Head and Neck Emergencies; Respiratory Emergencies; Cardiovascular Emergencies; GI Emergencies; Renal and GU Emergencies; Hematologic and Oncologic Emergencies; Gynecologic Emergencies; OB Emergencies; Musculoskeletal Emergencies; Endocrine Emergencies; Dermatologic Emergencies; Procedures; Emergency Toxicology; Environmental Emergencies; Ethics, Medico-legal Issues, and EBM; Section III: Classified

Table of contents
Section I: How to Succeed in the EM Clerkship
Section II: High-Yield Facts
Chapter 1. Resuscitation
Chapter 2. Diagnostics
Chapter 3. Trauma
Chapter 4. Neurologic Emergencies
Chapter 5. Head and Neck Emergencies
Chapter 6. Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 7. Cardiovascular Emergencies
Chapter 8. Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Chapter 9. Renal and Genitourinary Emergencies
Chapter 10. Hematologic and Oncologic Emergencies
Chapter 11. Gynecologic Emergencies
Chapter 12. Obstetric Emergencies
Chapter 13. Musculoskeletal Emergencies
Chapter 14. Endocrine Emergencies
Chapter 15. Dermatologic Emergencies
Chapter 16. Procedures
Chapter 17. Emergency Toxicology
Chapter 18. Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 19. Ethics, Medicolegal Issues, and Evidence-Based Medicine
Section III: Classified High-Yield Images