A Clinical Guide to Urologic Emergencies








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An ageing population and a predicted shortfall in the number of urologists means that, increasingly, the management of complex urological problems will fall to hospital emergency departments and the surgeries of primary care physicians. With many doctors and medical students now having less exposure to urology, there is a real and urgent need for accessible and practical guidance in managing urologic emergencies.

A Clinical Guide to Urologic Emergencies offers practical guidance to the best practices in diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with urgent urological conditions. Designed to be an extremely useful tool to consult in the clinical setting, it will be a vital source of information and guidance for all clinicians, irrespective of their level of urologic knowledge.

Edited by an outstanding international editor team, this book is particularly aimed at physicians, advanced practice providers, and urology and emergency medicine trainees managing patients in diverse healthcare settings across the globe.