*The Little Black Book of Urology


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The Little Black Book of Urology, Third Edition provides comprehensive, concise, evidence-based information on the diagnosis and treatment of urological disorders. Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition includes valuable information on advances in the management of prostate cancer, the staging of testicular cancer and detection of bladder cancer.

The Little Black Book of Urology is a great quick reference for solving pressing urologic problems on the ward or in the clinic.

Table of Contents
Section I Adult Urology
Chapter 1 Diseases of the Adrenal
Chapter 2 Diseases of the Kidney and Ureter
Chapter 3 Diseases of the Bladder
Chapter 4 Diseases of the Urethra
Chapter 5 Diseases of the Testes, Scrotum, and Intrascrotal Contents
Chapter 6 Diseases of the Prostate
Chapter 7 Diseases of the Penis
Section II Pediatric Urology
Chapter 8 Diseases of the Kidney and Ureter in Children
Chapter 9 Diseases of the Bladder in Children
Chapter 10 Diseases of the Urethra in Children
Chapter 11 Diseases of the Penis in Children
Chapter 12 Diseases of the Testes and Scrotum in Children
Chapter 13 Other Diseases in Children