Dental Implants for Hygienists and Therapists





Darbar/ Wiley-Blackwell



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An essential handbook for dental hygienists and therapists seeking a comprehensive resource covering dental implants

Dental Implants for Hygienists and Therapists delivers an accessible and informative exploration of the fundamental principles of tooth replacement with dental implants, as well as the science and theory that underlies modern implants, and the factors impacting their success and survival. The book offers robust guidance on the assessment of peri-implant tissues in health and in disease, an evidence-based approach to their management, and instruction on when a referral should be made. It also covers function and anatomy in health and disease around dental implants and the supporting tissues as well as the factors that influence predictability and patient management. This book includes:

  • Thorough introductions to the history of dental implants and osseointegration, including the difference between success and survival
  • Comprehensive exploration of one-piece and two-piece implant systems, patient selection and indications for implant treatment
  • Practical discussions of surgical (including augmentation) and prosthodontic protocols and peri-implant tissues
  • In-depth examinations of maintenance care, including the management of peri-implant disease with non-surgical and surgical treatment, and the role of the hygienist

Dental Implants for Hygienists and Therapists is invaluable to dental hygienists and therapists seeking a one-stop resource on dental implantology.