Understanding The Principles and Practice of Legal Oncology





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Cancer care represents a significant portion of total U.S. health care spending. Mistakes come at great costs to the individual clinician and the entire healthcare system. One misstep can destroy an otherwise stellar medical career. Clinicians must be versed in the interface of law and medicine so that they can practice medicine more effectively and economically.

Understanding the Principles and Practice of Legal Oncology delivers expert advice on how to avoid lawsuits while at the same time contributing to the reduction of healthcare costs and improving patient access. You'll learn how to steer clear of the most common legal hazards and mitigate any anxiety over the need to perform additional workups and documentations. Packed with clinical vignettes and relevant legal principles, this is an essential resource for physicians, surgeons, nurses, researchers, medical physicists, technicians, and those who are in the business of taking care of patients.


  • Explores the legal ramifications of prescribing vs. not prescribing opioids in the current stricter regulation landscape
  • Covers the ethical considerations of using artificial intelligence to manage cancer treatment
  • Explains the legal implications of not ordering screening tests when patients request them
  • Describes the goals of a peer review, which is not always in good faith
  • Refines the process on how to give proper informed consent
  • Clears up what to say or not to say in a deposition if a patient files a lawsuit
  • Elucidates the liability of practicing medicine as an employee in a hospital setting
  • Outlines how to use midlevel providers safely, and much more