Practical Enzymology


Bisswanger / Wiley-Blackwell
2011 / 2

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The second edition of the perfect companion for practical course work in enzymology. Now with an improved selection of enzymatic assays based on key metabolic reactions, this book provides the detailed background to the enzymatic reaction and the enzyme per se. Particular emphasis is placed on troubleshooting with the described methods, and, in addition, the new four-color layout throughout features detailed protocols highlighted for easy recognition.

Unique feature: A companion web site ( provides animations for all figures together with supplementary material, for deeper understanding of the partially abstract matter.

Table of Contents
Preface to the Second Edition.
Note to the Reader.
1 Introduction.
2 General Aspects of Enzyme Analysis.
2.1 Basic Requirements for Enzyme Assays.
2.2 What Must Be Observed for an Enzyme Assay?
2.3 Instrumental Aspects.
2.4 Theory of Coupled Enzyme Reactions.
2.5 Substrate Determination.
3 Enzyme Assays.
3.1 Enzyme Nomenclature.
3.2 Practical Considerations for Enzyme Assays.
3.3 Special Enzyme Assays.
3.4 Assays for Enzyme Characterization.
3.5 Enzyme Immunoassays.
4 Binding Measurements.
4.1 Different Types of Binding.
4.2 Binding Measurements by Size Discrimination.
4.3 Spectroscopic Methods.
4.4 Other Binding Methods.
5 Enzymes in Technical Applications.
5.1 Modes of Enzyme Immobilization.
5.2 Methods for Enzyme Immobilization.
5.3 Analysis of Immobilized Enzymes.
5.4 Enzyme Reactors.
5.5 Biosensors.
5.6 Immobilized Enzymes in Therapy.
List of enzymes according to the EC numbers.