Successful Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy





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Successful Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Teaches trainee gastroenterologists the endoscopic skills needed to meet the medical training requirements to practice gastroenterology and helps clinical specialists refresh their skills to pass their recertification

This book provides all gastroenterologists with the exact set of skills required to perform endoscopy at the highest level. Featuring contributions from internationally recognized leaders in endoscopy education and an endorsement by the World Organization of Digestive Endoscopy, it examines the specific skill sets and procedure-related tasks that must be mastered when learning a particular technique, including: specific descriptions of accessories required; standard training methods for the procedure; optimal utilization of novel learning modalities such as simulators; quality measures and objective parameters for competency; and available tools for assessing competency once training has been completed.

Successful Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Second Edition features 400 high-quality, outstanding color photos to assist with comprehension. It is also complemented by a website containing over 130 annotated teaching videos of both actual procedures and ex-vivo animal model simulations. These videos illustrate, step by step, the proper techniques to be followed, highlighting clinical pearls of wisdom from the experts and the most common mistakes to avoid.

  • Offers comprehensive and practical training guidelines in all the endoscopy procedures and techniques trainee gastroenterologists are required to learn
  • Provides trainees with the skills required to perform endoscopy to the level required by the ACGME in order to practice gastroenterology
  • Presents seasoned gastroenterologists with an outstanding tool to brush up their endoscopy skills and to familiarize them with new trends in safety and competence
  • Includes website with video clips visually demonstrating all the endoscopic procedures step-by-step highlighting common mistakes
  • Endorsed by the World Organization of Digestive Endoscopy

Successful Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Second Edition is an excellent book for all trainee gastroenterologists (particularly endoscopists and colonoscopists) training for board exams. It will also greatly benefit gastroenterology specialists (especially those training for re-certification), as well as internal medicine physicians and trainees.