Lecture Notes: Immunology


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Immunology Lecture Notes provides a thorough grounding in basic concepts of immunity. Covering the core components of the immunology curriculum at medical school, it presents a concise overview of the immune system, its interactions with pathogens, the major areas of immunopathology, including immunodeficiency, allergy, autoimmunity, lymphoptopliferative diseases and transplantation, and their therapy.

Immunology Lecture Notes includes:
• Full-colour descriptive illustrations and diagrams throughout, supplemented by new molecular graphics and anatomical scans
• New clinical cases developed as themes throughout the book to illustrate the practical application of immunological principles
• Fully updated self-assessment questions with expanded explanation of answers

With learning objectives and key points guiding you through the vital concepts, Immunology Lecture Notes will help you to address the key disorders of the immune system, and use immunological developments in clinical practice.

Preface to the seventh edition vii

From the preface to the first edition viii

Key to symbols used in this edition ix

Overview of the immune system x

Part 1 Immunity and the Immune System

1 The nature of immunity 3

2 Immune recognition 14

3 Lymphocyte development and activation 34

4 Lymphocyte interactions, cytokines and the lymphoid system 45

5 Immunoglobulins 63

6 Complement 79

7 Phagocytes 87

8 Mast cells, basophils and eosinophils 94

9 Killer cells 101

Part 2 Immunopathology

10 Immunity and infection 111

11 Primary and secondary immunodeficiency disorders 126

12 The generation of tissue ]damaging responses 148

13 Mechanisms of immunological tissue damage 167

14 Lymphoproliferative disease 179

15 Transplantation 191

16 Immunological therapy 203

Part 3 Self-assessment: answers

Self-assessment: answers 215

Index 000