Genetic Disorders and the Fetus: Diagnosis,Prevention and Treatment








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In the newly revised eighth edition of Genetic Disorders and the Fetus, authors and acclaimed medical doctors, Aubrey and Jeff Milunsky, deliver a thorough and comprehensive reference perfect for academicians, students in post-graduate specialization courses, and working medical professionals. This book incorporates the knowledge, wisdom, perspectives, and recommendations from a renowned team of contributing authors, drawing upon their extensive experience in prenatal genetic diagnosis to present the definitive reference work used routinely around the world. 

In addition to fundamental information on established prenatal diagnosis and exhaustively referenced coverage of new techniques, you’ll find new chapters on preconception genetic counselling, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, advances in fetal imaging, and gene therapy. Genetic Disorders and the Fetus is authored by a global team of internationally recognized contributors, all of whom are leading voices in the field  

The eighth edition also contains: 

  • A thorough discussion of the public policy and ethics of embryo editing, including mitochondrial replacement treatment, and gene patents, prenatal diagnosis, and polygenic disease risk prediction 
  • An exploration of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, pharmacogenetics and prenatal diagnosis, and whole genome sequencing 
  • A treatment of genetic disorders and pharmacologic therapy, including spinal muscular atrophy and fragile X syndrome 
  • A discussion of legal issues, including the fetus as plaintiff and the increasing liability of physicians due to advances in genetics 

Perfect for obstetricians, clinical geneticists, molecular and biochemical geneticists, and pediatricians, Genetic Disorders and the Fetus will also earn a place in the libraries of neonatologists, genetics counsellors, ethicists, radiologists, and professionals working in public policy and health departments.