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Quick Overview

Each and every page of the book is presented with thorough revision. Better diagrams, flowcharts, and summary are provided with each chapter for long-term remembrance of the concern topic. From basics to advance, every aspect of the field is discussed in the book.

Key Features

  • A valuable asset for DMLT/undergraduate/medical students and laboratory technicians.
  • Explains latest techniques and instrumentation in synchronization with the practical testing methods.
  • Introduces highly useful chapters on Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Blood pH, Vitamin Assay, etc.
  • All concepts are supported with line diagrams, flowcharts, figures and tables for easy understanding.
  • User-friendly book on the subject to guide students and technicians working in the laboratory.
  • Latest techniques on automation in Pathology and Biochemistry are added to bridge the gap between theory and practical world.
  • Keywords for each chapter makes the goal clear for the students.
  • Every chapter is provided with set of questions for practice.
  • Four stars plus ratings by actual users on online platforms.
  • Recommended books for many universities, paramedical courses, and online platforms.

Target AudienceDMLT/MLT/BSc students, Laboratory Technician and Paramedical professionals