Atlas of Surgery of the Facial Nerve: An Otolaryngologist''s Perspective with 2DVDs


Grewal / Jaypee

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Hardcover: 226pages 

This second edition book entitled of “Atlas of surgery of the facial nerve” has been fully revised and updated and prepared as a balance between books and practical knowledge required to diagnose and treat the patients of facial nerve disorders, so that the becomes a simulator like tool and thereby gives the reader the experience to gain practical knowledge. This Atlas Offering a step-by-step approach to facial nerve surgery with more than 300 intraoperative photographs, exhaustive depiction of nerve and its various anatomical and physiological features. Covers topics related Bell’s Palsy, Facial Palsy in Infection, Hemifacial Spasm, Tumors Causing Facial Palsy, etc. Cover various aspects of surgery of facial nerve thereby providing insight into surgical techniques commonly used in a simple and straight forward manner. It will be useful to plastic surgeons, physicians, and neurosurgeons to understand and know various aspects of facial nerve pathology and surgery; thereby, planning the patient’s treatment in conjunction with the otologist and vice versa.