Stahls Illustrated Mood Stabilizers


Stahl / Cambridge
2009 / 1

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All of the titles in the Stahl’s Illustrated series are designed to be fun. Concepts are illustrated by full-color images that will be familiar to all readers of Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, Third Edition and The Prescriber’s Guide. The texts in this user-friendly series can be supplements to figures, images, and tables. The visual learner will find that these books make psychopharmacology concepts easy to master, while the non-visual learner will enjoy a shortened text version of complex psychopharmacology concepts. Within each book, each chapter builds on previous chapters, synthesizing information from basic biology and diagnostics to building treatment plans and dealing with complications and comorbidities. Novices may want to approach Stahl’s Illustrated series by first looking through all the graphics and gaining a feel for the visual vocabulary. Readers more familiar with these topics should find that going back and forth between images and text provides an interaction with which to vividly conceptualize complex pharmacologies. And, to help guide the reader toward more in-depth learning about particular concepts, each book ends with a Suggested Reading section.

• High profile name in psychopharmacology • New series of highly illustrated atlases that are easily carried • Each book addresses a specific topic in psychopharmacology • Supplemented with complementary tables and algorithms that provide clinical strategies, as well as educational objectives and questions for the reader

1. Symptoms and spectrum of bipolar disorder;
2. From symptoms to circuits;
3. From circuits to mechanisms;
4. Lithium and various anticonvulsants as mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder;
5. Atypical antipsychotics as mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder;
6. Building a treatment plan.