Your Guide to Paediatric Anaesthesia

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ISBN/ 9780071000222 作 者/ 出版商Sims / McGraw-Hill出版年代/ 版次2011/ 1

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About the book

This Australian book on paediatric anaesthesia is practical, descriptive and exam focused. It gives safe, experience-based `how-to' approaches to common and rarer paediatric and neonatal conditions. Assuming readers know about adult anaesthesia, it focuses on what is different about children.

The key to paediatric anaesthesia is to learn the skills to be confident about managing a child's airway. Once mastered, you can then start to enjoy working with children and learning the art of managing their anxiety and that of their parents.

Written by clinical, full-time paediatric anaesthetists, this is the one book that gives both all the information for specialist exam preparation, and the knowledge of contemporary paediatric anaesthesia that will stand a consultant anaesthetist in good stead.

Table of contents
1. An overview of paediatric anaesthesia
2. Pharmacology of anaesthetic agents in children
3. Behavioural management of children
4. Airway management
5. Fluid management
6. Equipment and monitoring
7. Resuscitation and emergency drugs
8. Acute pain management
9. Regional anaesthesia
10. Respiratory illnesses and their influence on anaesthesia
11. Chronic diseases of childhood
12. Congenital syndromes & conditions
13. Neonatal anaesthesia
14. Anaesthesia for paediatric general surgery
15. Anaesthesia for ENT surgery
16. Bronchoscopy & removal of foreign bodies from the trachea
17. Anaesthesia for dental procedures
18. Orthopaedic surgery
19. Congenital heart disease
20. Anaesthesia for thoracic surgery
21. Anaesthesia for plastic surgery
22. Paediatric neuroanaesthesia
23. Anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery
24. Anaesthesia for urological surgery
25. Trauma and burns
26. Malignancy and treatment of malignancies
27. Procedural sedation: anaesthesia & sedation of children away from the OR
28. Vascular access
29. The child at risk'child protection and the anaesthetist
30. Paediatric intensive care
31. Glossary of syndromes and diseases