Interpreting Musculoskeletal Images: Anatomy, Pathology and Emergency Reporting





Jones / CRC


2024 / 1

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This visual manual is an accessible guide to musculoskeletal image interpretation and reporting, including common trauma pathologies, arthropathies, mechanisms of injury and classification systems. Beautifully illustrated with schematic line diagrams, supplemented with radiographs and scans, the content has been developed to enhance learning and understanding of both radiology and anatomy, and the relationship between them.

Key features:

  • Concise, yet highly informative
  • Large, high-quality illustrations supplement and enhance the written descriptions, with colour-coding for rapid matching of image to corresponding text
  • Relates imaging to underlying anatomy and pathology, aiding accurate interpretation
  • Carefully designed to support rapid access in the clinical setting and ideal also as a revision aid during examination preparation

The book delivers hands-on support to junior doctors, other emergency medicine personnel and practising radiographers for use in the clinical setting and is also ideal for students preparing for qualifying examinations in medicine and radiography.