Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas








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Optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) is a non-invasive technique for imaging the microvasculature of the retina and the choroid.

The advent of OCTA has allowed ophthalmologists to identify new pathologies, recognise new syndromes, and organise disorders with new classifications. This atlas provides clinicians with state-of-the-art principles of clinical OCTA imaging, helping them interpret and understand the features of the angiographic images. Following the success of the first edition (9789351528999) published in 2015, this second edition has been fully revised, with all chapters rewritten and new topics added to provide the very latest advances in the field. New knowledge about existing diseases and new disorders are described in depth, and operating principles, clinical applications, and future developments are explained thoroughly by the pioneers of the technology. The first part of the atlas covers the basic principles of OCT angiography, methods and technology, image interpretation, vascular anatomy of the retina, and clinical applications. Part two provides a general update on current research into OCT angiography in various retinal, choroid and anterior chamber disorders. The third and final part of the book describes future clinical applications and implications of next generation devices. This new edition is an invaluable guide for ophthalmologists and trainees for use in everyday practice.